Our manifesto



We've built a web platform that allows all of us, universities, NGO's and government to work together to build better policies.

We all know what a bad government policy is, however, few of us know how or where these policies are developed, or by whom.

The best government policies are those that are efficient, make a difference and that benefit us all.

The worst policies can cause public disillusionment, unintended consequences and, in the worst cases, are even fatal. In many countries, governments work closely with universities to help formulate policy - universities, after all, contain many of the best and brightest people we're likely to know.

Other governments also actively recruit businesses and communities for the best policy ideas, to make sure that all parts of their economies and societies are included in the process.This doesn't occur as often as it should, however, and that's part of why so many of the policies our governments design and implement feel like they were created in an isolated room in political offices; because, in reality, they were.And we're all left scratching our heads and paying for it.

MindHive will change that.


MindHive facilitates deep policy and strategy discussion; provides considered, transparent policy and strategy to public and private leaders and engages all of us in policy and strategy development and improvement.

MindHive Manifesto

Policy and strategy decisions are amongst the most important that institutional and political leaders can make. The impacts can be far-reaching and long lasting, influencing a huge range of other actions.

Too often, these decisions are made from a narrow perspective. The full range of consequences aren’t always fully considered, and the institutional practices of the policymaker can prevent innovation.

This can be difficult to change. The appropriate range of expertise isn’t always easy to find, and it’s hard to know how wide the net should be flung to seek it. Collaboration is also difficult and expensive to coordinate.

This is what MindHive changes. We do this because our central organisational aim is to improve the quality of policy and strategy. Better policy for a better world.


  • Policy and strategy decisions are significant due to their wide ranging influence. Better policy and strategy will lead to a better country, and so leaders have a duty to those influenced by their decisions to do the best they can.
  • Having the best information available will lead to better policy and strategy, and collaboration by a range of experts from different fields (academic and otherwise) is the best way to get that information.
  • The internet provides opportunities for this in ways never before imagined. We can now overcome the logistical and efficiency barriers, which prevented this from already being the norm.
  • If this process is to occur online, then whoever manages it must be committed to the integrity of the process, rather than to any policy and strategy outcomes.

What we do

MindHive requires two things;

  • We gather the best experts from around the country and the world. Our job is then to ensure that this community can collaborate effectively, so that the best information is accessible in a single place.
  • We ensure policymakers and strategists to use this community of experts to inform themselves as much as possible, so that they can make the best choice about their policies.

If we can bring these groups together well, we’ll have done the best we can for improving the quality of policy across the world.


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